Friday, March 30, 2012

Portrait sneak peak

Here's a sneak peak at the self portrait I'm working on. It'll be 33x44 painted in Oils. I'm enjoying painting more and more everyday.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some things i never posted

Here are some things I just never got around to posting. The two inks are mastercopys. The one below is a Jeff Jones and the one after that is Heinrich Kley. I remeber enjoying these two assignments. I tried my best replicate their marks while staying spontaneous and true to the way they were made.

My version^


My version^


Oh and here's a painting. I decided to make a palette knife painting that day. It was fun.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First day of a four day pose

Today we started a four day pose. The focus of this assignment/pose is portraiture. This first day I just so happened to set up BEHIND the model. I could've easily moved but instead I decided to paint four portraits of different sides of the models head. Should be fun. I enjoyed today. I'm happy with my progress. I'll touch this one up for about 20 mins or so next class then I'll start my second one right next to it on the same surface. It'll be cool in the end when i have two canvases with two portraits on each. Should give me a nice sense of accomplishment.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a portrait

It was Saturday night in Miami and I was getting ready to go to sleep when I noticed I had a voicemail. I checked it and it was a man saying he needed a portrait of his girlfriend. I was excited yet estranged for I did not know how this person obtained my phone number. He stated in the voice mail that I could call him back at any time. So I called him back. Sure enough it was true. He told me that his girlfriend's birthday was on Tuesday but I was going to leave tomorrow (Sunday) for Sarasota. I told him I would try and break that reputation of the boyfriend being late with the gift. So the next day at 11 o'clock I went to Jerry's Artarama, bought my supplies, headed home, and got started on the portrait. I told him I would have it by 4:30 when I wasn't really sure if I could do that. I mean I knew I had the ability but I felt it was going to be somewhat stressful.
It was the complete opposite. I started at 11:30 and finished at 2 o'clock with 2 hours to spare and it wasn't anywhere near stressful. He drove about half an hour just to pick it up. We briefly met and he paid me and signed my contract. He told me he would have other jobs for me.
I learned that I could finish a charcoal portrait in 2 hours and met a decent person in this hard-to-find-a-decent-person world. Thanks Mike!

12x18 Charcoal

Happy Birthday Sammi!