Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I came across a website: and it inspired me to make my version of Cubone. Graphite w/ digital color.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Heres what I did last week, Sorry I haven't uploaded. I will post more soon. This is a ink and digital piece.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Omar Rodriguez Lopez

S, here's another piece I did for fun. I say it's for fun but I think these portraits/music related pieces are going to be for my mini thesis project in Pratt's class. It would be nice to have a little body of work devoted to music related illustrations. Might even be part of my real thesis. I'm really enjoying them. Here is a portrait Omar Rodriguez Lopez. I realize I could touch it up some more, andI just may. However, nows a good place to stop for a bit.
 12x18 digital portrait

Friday, April 13, 2012

Guitar dude

Not done with this but heres what it looks like now. I started this because I was bored. It seems I've been doing that a lot lately. I think I'll keep doing it too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Acid City Line Cover

My buddy, Nick, from Acid City Line needed a cover for his new e.p. Check him out here: , and here: One of the most talented musicians I know.
Thats the cover I made for him above.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My self portrait

Ok. I turned in my self portrait today. I'd say it's about 95% finished. I still need to fix some things but I'm pretty happy with where it is right now. I have a deeper respect for oil paintings and the artists who tame them. I will, with out a doubt, be painting in oils and on a large scale more often from now on. While there's more area to cover, I feel, some how, it's a faster process. I block in large shapes then go into detail. I think the most important virtue to practice is patience. With that anything is possible.

(33x44 Oils)
And there you have it.

Old stuff

Here are some thing I never got around to posting or thought they weren't good enough to post at the time. I've realized that just because I don't feel attached to or accomplished with a piece doesn't mean I shouldn't show the world. Hmmm, let me rephrase that: I didn't think these deserved a spot in my holy blog of art (sarcasm) but, in retrospect I feel work is work. An update is an update and being human is ok. Sometimes. :)
Acrylic. The above piece was an assignment in George Pratts illustration class. The goal was to paint a "Slice of Life" of Sarasota with 2-3 tones in each object/shape. For example, the man's skin is painted with two colors only, the shirt is two colors, the tree bark, the leaves, grass etc. My favorite part is the shadow under the bench.

Graphite on canvas paper.
This is a drawing of the model in Robin Cody's Figure painting class. It was a kind of free day so I decided to do a drawing instead of a painting.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two new paintings

(Above painting was done with a palette knife. 4x12 Oils)
(This was more of a sketch. Took about half an hour to 45 mins.)

These are the two paintings that I did today. Both were done at Myaka State Park. It's beautiful there. I felt so happy being around pure nature. It almost felt like I could breath easier. Also, not having tall infrastructure really made me feel like exploring the horizon. It was in plain sight, and being able to see something so far makes me want to inspect it even more. It's intriguing. Same with stars. When has there ever been a time when you've looked at a star and not had a question pop up in your mind? I don't think there ever was a time and the same applies to the vast openness of earth. Myaka was one place. I experienced this same feeling when i went to the everglades to take photo reference. It was refreshing to see something so natural and yet I had not visited it before. 'Something about looking out into a vast open field makes me want to run through it as fast as I can for as long as I can.
I think this is something everyone should experience. I recommend a trip (preferably solo) to the Everglades, Myaka, or any vast open space of earth. Ideally without any form of technology to interfere with the experience.

p.s. I realize I spoke of this as if I were under the influence of some strange hallucinogen. That is not the case. Nature's just that great I guess.