Monday, July 30, 2012




Hey, here's another Ten Paces & Draw project! Check out the other dudes & dudettes on the Ten Paces blog!
Been thinking about these character design projects. If I have the opportunity to create another one I'm going to be more liberal with it. I'll try to take that RE-design aspect of it to an extreme.
Hope you liked this one. Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hendrix revisited

12x16 Digital
A while back I started this piece and posted some progress on it. It wasn't until recently that i picked it up and decided to finally finish it. I guess I could do more work to it but for the most part I'm happy with it, and I took from it what I needed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The creative process

The My Creative Process  

EDIT: This entry was supposed to be somewhat comical. reading it now I ....don't feel I got that across but I've chosen to leave it posted either way.)
 "Illustrations can be beautiful, exciting, frightful, impressive, immersive or any other adjective you can think of. However, behind the beauty and attractive aesthetic there is struggle. Sometimes."-Me
     When I begin thinking about an illustration I almost immediately have an idea of what I more or less want. I don't act on it right away. I know that my first idea is just that: the first idea. Instead, I sit around thinking about how cool it would be to see that idea finished. I get caught up in that idea and want it more and more to be done, but I don't work on it. While watching the Science channel I think about how much cooler everyone will think I am when I complete this illustration. I go to sleep with that idea on my mind and as I fantasize about how rewarding it will be to see it finished I encounter other ideas. Other compositions, different mediums, color schemes etc. All these things rush through my mind at night. Sometimes to no avail, but other times I wake up with a better idea.
     So I finally am set on an idea, which is most likely the one I started off with only with a bit of a twist. Then I do what I think I should do: thumbnails. But I ignore those. Then I stop what I'm doing and proceed to waste away my life on the internet writing blogs, reading useless, but sometimes engaging and entertaining posts on facebook, and wondering why other artist are so much better than me. I then wonder why I'm so bored and have nothing to do.
     After about what seems like an eternity of thinking about the worst possible expected failure I come to the realization that my illustration is due tomorrow. I first think "shit". Then I say "eh, I'll be alright". Finally, I get to work on my illustration. During this process I render the hell out of some insignificant portion of the composition. Makes me feel better I guess. Then I erase everything while thinking 'I should've done more thumbnails. Damnit'. I then arrive at a final destination. This is usually based on what I partially have on my screen/surface. I just mess everything up so much and mix it around enough that I can't be upset with it anymore because it was intentional. Anything I do after this point looks so much better. Then I take a break.
     When I get back to work I notice all the parts that suck. I fix them and continue to work. When I work I usually listen to an album from start to finish. I believe that's the only way to listen to an album unless the band sucks. So when the album is done I spend an unnecessarily long period of time deciding what to listen to next. Which leads to a break.
     This goes on for quite some time, back and forth, but in the end I'm usually happy with where my piece has ended up or is going.
     I have three days to finish two illustration and start a third one. Here we go again.

Here's a preview of one of those illustrations in the works.
Thanks for reading. Come back in 2-3 days!