Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two new paintings

(Above painting was done with a palette knife. 4x12 Oils)
(This was more of a sketch. Took about half an hour to 45 mins.)

These are the two paintings that I did today. Both were done at Myaka State Park. It's beautiful there. I felt so happy being around pure nature. It almost felt like I could breath easier. Also, not having tall infrastructure really made me feel like exploring the horizon. It was in plain sight, and being able to see something so far makes me want to inspect it even more. It's intriguing. Same with stars. When has there ever been a time when you've looked at a star and not had a question pop up in your mind? I don't think there ever was a time and the same applies to the vast openness of earth. Myaka was one place. I experienced this same feeling when i went to the everglades to take photo reference. It was refreshing to see something so natural and yet I had not visited it before. 'Something about looking out into a vast open field makes me want to run through it as fast as I can for as long as I can.
I think this is something everyone should experience. I recommend a trip (preferably solo) to the Everglades, Myaka, or any vast open space of earth. Ideally without any form of technology to interfere with the experience.

p.s. I realize I spoke of this as if I were under the influence of some strange hallucinogen. That is not the case. Nature's just that great I guess.

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