Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More sketching

For the past...two days, after class, I've been traveling around the Ringling campus with my friend John Carvajal. We visit any place that has interesting subjects (you can call them people if you'd like) and just draw them. Tonight we visited FEWS which is a figure drawing workshop held every....well I'm not exactly sure when it's held. I think it's every day or week?....idk, but I should attend it more often. We both got to draw a model, which is nice because we don't have any figure studio classes at the moment. Most importantly I get to work in my sketchbook. The sketchbook to me has been something of a companion lately, as it should've been along time ago. I'm really trying to develop my skills as an observer while trying to work on things that are purely imaginative. Drawing from life helps me to draw what I want out of my mind. It expands my visual library so that I have more information to pull from when sketching something. Here's what I did today.

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