Sunday, May 20, 2012

Update of old things

So it's been a bit since my last update. I've been spending time with the family down from Louisiana. Good times.
     I was looking through a folder on my computer and found some old things I never posted either because I felt they weren't "good enough" (what ever that means) or just never got around to it.

 Character layout page for my computer illustration class

Ray Bradbury book cover illustration

 Something I made a competition. It was the "Embracing Our Differences" competition. 
Part 2 of 3 illustrations depicting aging (an assignment in george Pratt's illustration class). (Birth/Youth, Middle age/work, Old age/death). It's a vertical triptych and this is the middle piece. Now that I've come across this piece I'll look for the other scans and post 'em soon.

What did I mean by "good enough"? Well, I got to a point where I realized that I was posting only the "good" illustrations and not enough process related things. I'm human and I make mistakes and, or, terrible decisions sometimes. Why not share them with the rest of the world as well?

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