Monday, May 28, 2012

Some pages from a recent sketch book

Here are some sketches from one of my recent sketchbooks. There are not in any specific order. If anything they are chronological starting with the most recent.
 Peter's kitchen

 Charles's drums


Chili's in Sarasota 

 Chase n' Eileen

 Growler's open mic

Alex Beck

This has turned out, so far, to be more of a journal than a "sketchbook". I've recorded snippets of life almost everyday. When I started it I did. Now, I've gone back to treating like another sketchbook. Which is good. I came across a blog the other day. Kyle Mccullough. Awesome. It was so inspiring to see all of his sketches. It made me want to sketch more and take more time with some of them. The first three at the top are after seeing his blog. So my computers dying and that constitutes me ending this post. Hope you enjoyed it. I'll post some others soon.

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